Probably one of the most important services we offer to your Libertarian Party affiliate, whether a county or state, is our seminar. This seminar is 10 hours of in depth time with members of our professionals teaching you how to maximize your impact.

We usually do these on a Saturday, as it is the most likely day to accommodate the most individuals. The executive committee will get some side by side time with some of the best minds in the industry for about two hours before the seminar is conducted. From there, we hold the 8 hour session for you to help train volunteers, candidates, outreach coordinators, etc. to become the best they can in their efforts.

We can also be brought on to help with transitional or organizational tasks if you are a new affiliate or under new leadership.

Our goal with this service is the success and growth of your affiliate.

Contact us if you are interested in coming to your state or county to discuss details.