A Healthy Body is Healthy for a Campaign


There are many tips you will find online about effectively running for political office. You can find myriads of articles on fundraising, public speaking, and even how to properly utilize colors to appeal to voters. What is not often discussed is the toll campaigning takes on your body.

To effectively campaign, you need to train your body much like you would in competitive sports. Effective campaigning is a lot like running a marathon, except the marathon has hurdles, variances in terrain, and areas you must sprint. This is especially true in large districts and statewide campaigns.

Leading up to the primaries and conventions you will be attending to get nominated, you will need to be attending meetings and events with the people you will be asking to nominate you. This is time demanding, and because of day jobs, often involves unusual hours.

If you are not an incumbent, you are at a further disadvantage because you still need to work for a living while making these connections.

The pace only intensifies after your nomination. Now you are being asked to do interviews, show up to speaking events, hosting fundraisers, marching in parades, canvassing neighborhoods, making thousands of phone calls a week, and then repeating it across the whole district/state.

To best handle this situation, if you are serious about winning, you need to try to keep your body in good physical condition. You will often be in stretches without food, sleep, and constantly talking. You will be shaking hands, driving long hours, rehearsing speeches, and preparing for debates.

The best advice is to start a fitness regimen ahead of time. You should be doing daily fitness, whether it is a gym membership or jogging around the neighborhood. This will help condition your body to stresses you are bound to face. On top of fitness, you need to try to eat as healthy as possible.

Lastly, it is recommended you get enough sleep. Once the campaign kicks off, you likely won’t be getting as much. If you don’t want to burn out to quickly, it is in your best interests to be as rested as possible when day one begins.