Effective Campaigns Show Results

One thing that stands apart in successful campaigns and campaigns that fail are the results they show throughout their time on the trail.

It is important to show to potential supporters that you have people behind you in the campaign. The most obvious way to show support is through traditional polling, but what do you do if you are an independent or third party candidate that usually doesn’t make into those polls? How do you show the media you are credible enough to be included?

You need to do go beyond the polling to show constituents that you have strong support.

1. Get Your Campaign on CrowdPac

CrowdPac is a great opportunity for you to show almost immediate support for your run for office. They allow people to make donations or pledges to your campaign and display that support for others to see. Further, they have an endorsement option for people to write why they support you.

This is not without work. You do need to get your family and friends to get to your page and make those donations and endorsements. Utilize your contacts on social media to also get involved.

Sign up at https://www.crowdpac.com/.

2. Let People Know of Internal News

When you bring on a new coordinator for a region in your district, let people know that you have “John Smith” on the team now. When people see names of other individuals willing to volunteer in such positions, they are more likely to support your campaign.

This can be as easy as a blog on your campaign website giving regular updates. Make sure you share these updates on your social media networks for people to read.

3. Show Off Your Campaign

Tied in with the former tip, showcase all the things your campaign is doing. People need to see that what they are donating will be going to outreach efforts. This means photographs, photographs, photographs. It also means that you need to be outside meeting voters. If all people see are your thoughts written out in a blog or social media post, they are not going to support you.

Attend community functions, town halls, meet the candidate nights, and be sure to be seen in those photos. When people see the signs and literature set up, they are more trusting that their money is actually helping. This will help get more people in your camp because they assume that you have backing, otherwise you wouldn’t be out there.

4. Group Photos Make a Difference

Every event you attend, try to get pictures with supporters and volunteers. Volunteers should be similarly dressed and when you are taking a photo with a voter, make sure to smile enthusiastically. Whenever able, try to utilize different volunteers for photos. The more variety seen, the better it shows you have more support.

Also, get plenty of candid shots when you are running a phone bank or holding a volunteer meeting. As many people as possible, and as many shots showing it being a good time working with you.

5. Include Material Written By Others

Some of your campaign materials should include statements of endorsement from people who support you. When people read something from someone else about you as a person beyond the candidate, they start to see who you are.

Make sure that the quotes used are from different people. You don’t want to use the same quote for six months. Using only one person will not help you, but if you rotate through around ten people or so, you will have enough variety to show that you have support. Also try to get people you know who are both “average Joe” and some that may be influential in your community.