What Have We Done?

Some of you may be wondering what we have already done. While we didn’t exist as an organization quite yet, we have helped candidates get greater successes in what they attempted. Here is a list of campaigns we helped and what we did to help.


We assisted the campaign of Brian Kamerath and Barry Short in their run for Governor and Lt. Governor in Utah for 2016. This included tabling for the candidates, canvassing, administrating social media, and phone banking. Due to the efforts we helped this ticket reach new records in Utah in regards to vote totals for the office. As of November 19, 2016 the final count of votes was 32,957.

final-900-transparent.pngWe were part of the main driving force behind the campaign of Craig Bowden in his run for Utah’s 1st Congressional District. We ran his social media, graphic design, canvassing, call banking, and much more.

Because of our efforts we helped increase support for Libertarians in 1st District by more than three times! In 2014 Craig Bowden ran for the same office, receiving just about 4,800 votes. In contrast, 2016 we helped Craig receive over 15,000 votes. He also went from a presence of about 800 on Facebook, increasing to nearly 1,400.

11096563_834963126575098_2953066687198829250_nOne of the campaigns we were happy to help with was for Cecil Ince in his run for nomination of President of the United States. We assisted him mostly with messaging and speech writing, though we also assisted with his social media presence. Though he didn’t secure the nomination, he was able to increase awareness of what he calls “Jeffersonian libertarianism.”

This was our first attempt with Presidential politics, so it was a learning experience. Though the candidate we assisted didn’t make the final cut, we were able to learn a lot more about effectiveness in this arena.

We are currently working with candidates preparing to run in 2017 for city council and other local positions. If you are interested in what we can do for you, send us a message for a free evaluation and initial consultation.