Founder’s Message

I started Libertarian Academy & Consulting with one purpose in mind: to help members of the Libertarian Party become the most successful they can in spreading the message of liberty and peace. I have learned a lot in my 20 years involved in the politisphere. From a young age, I have had an interested in liberty and politics.

The very first campaign I helped on was as a young man. It wasn’t much. All I really did was assist a city council candidate who was a family friend hand out literature. This was my first introduction in the campaign world. I continued volunteering for campaigns all the way through high school, until I found my way in the United States Marine Corps.

During my service in the Corps, I learned more about leadership and communication, as well as how to effectively instruct others. My time as an infantryman, while turbulent, was priceless. I took what I learned and applied it to the civilian world as a businessman. I successfully ran three businesses.

As the country continued to spiral, I chose to re-enter the political world again out of concern for the direction we were heading. In this time, I have run personally for office three times, each as a Libertarian. Each time helped set new records for the party in the State of Utah. Out of the three, I won a County seat in 2015.

On top of running myself, I have assisted several other candidates in their efforts. I advised one Presidential hopeful, a Vice-Presidential candidate, a State House candidate, and ran the social media for a Gubernatorial candidate. Each had varying levels of success, and the lessons I have learned throughout this have brought me to where I want to help others learn and grow.

From the business world to the political, I have brought success to what I do. I hope that you will consider using our organization to help you be the best you can be.